professional mannequin head

professional mannequin head
Now the market is mainly divided into 4 kinds of materials, foam mannequin head, PVC plastic mannequin head, fiberglass head and canvas model mannequin head. Of course, there are other wig bracket classes, there is not much to repeat. Focus on the introduction of PVC plastic mannequin head selection method:
1. Material: PVC mannequin head, is the production of environmental protection polyethylene resin scalp, the internal filling foam polyurethane. So the texture of the model when the head of the time to make a heavier smell. Scalp texture is very soft, in the filling of polyurethane foam, it takes time to dry. Then it will be formed, the smell will fade or disappear, this time the whole model is hard. The biggest advantage of this material is not bad, the use of long cycle, machine production, light weight, cheap, easy to transport. After you know the material, you can smell it when you choose, or drop it at a high point, if it doesn’t break, that’s it.
school mannequin head
2. Make-up: The makeup of the model head for the entire product sales have the finishing touch. The same model head, different methods to draw out the effect is very different. This also varies from person to person. You choose the time to see more, choose more manufacturers, more contrast can be. in WCA has men wigs of mannequin head and ladies wigs mannequin head. 
3. Printed Logo: Many large brands, in the procurement of models in the first time to print their own brand logo. Trademarks are mainly machine-printed and sprayed with spray guns. It is obvious that the machine printing effect is better, whether it is handwriting or drawing. When you choose, you can ask how the manufacturer is printing.
4. Head type: The choice of head type depends on the product you want to display. The general head mould head surrounds the 53cm–56cm. Having shoulders, short neck, ears, ear holes, etc. When you choose, you can do so according to your needs.
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